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Full Fee Paying Students come to New Zealand to study English, and to experience NZ culture and family life. Students can choose to study from a minimum of 11 weeks and up to one or more academic years at a N.Z. High School. NZIIU selects and recommends schools throughout N.Z. based on students’ needs. If there is a request for a specific school we do aim to meet this and place the student in their preferred school. Students may choose to go to a girls’ or boys’ only high school, a co-ed school, or a Catholic school.

Students will share life with a kiwi host family. There is ongoing support from NZIIU. Each school carefully selects host families, considering the students’ personalities and preferences in the process. Students are under the pastoral care of their school and are supported by a strong network of staff at the International and ESOL Departments and NZIIU staff. NZIIU is one of only eleven Government Approved Exchange Scheme Organisations and a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Students, published by the Minister of Education. Is it important to know that students have adequate support for the duration of their stay abroad.

As soon as I landed, I knew this one year would change everything. It is a great feeling a new start. You’re the master of your exchange, and with patience and kindness, respect and honesty, this year can be the best of your

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