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Check out what some of our students have been up to on their adventures.

My time in Argentina

Alfie Duffy spent three months in Argentina and he wished he could have stayed longer. He never got homesick (although from time-to-time he did get a bit sick from all the rich food!). Read More >>

Life in Argentina

From abseiling to zooming through the Iguazo Forest on a flying fox, Steve Barnett’s trip to Argentina was one big adventure. Read More >>

A French winter

Oliver Baker arrived in France to negative temperatures and a light sprinkling of snow. His student exchange was filled with delicious food, skiing, and mastering his language skills. Read More >>

Christmas in France

Eleanor Rosemergy spent four months in France, which included a traditional French Christmas – complete with shrimps, oysters, shellfish, and of course, snails! Read More >>

My year in France

Sophia Le Lievre is studying for a year in France. So far, she has tasted rabbit, dipped her toes in the Mediterranean ocean, and visited Belgium. Read her blog to see what the next 6 months will bring. Read More >>

My Italian adventure

Pisa, pizza, and pretty Italian cities – Ebony loved Italy so much that she wished she had extended her exchange from five months to ten months. One thing is for sure: she’ll definitely be back. Read More >>

Spanish adventures

Kyra Forrest spent three months in Spain, the land of tortillas, siestas, and football matches! Read all about her Spanish adventures – including that one time she tried pig’s ears! Read More >>

Ola from Brazil!

Pizza in round boxes, avocados with sugar, and finishing school at midday – life is different in Brazil, but Jessica Emmerson loved every moment of her 9-month student exchange. Read More >>

Amy's China exchange

Amy Seo spent three months in China, where she quickly fell in love with the Chinese way of life (even though she missed Korean food!). Read More >>

Bonjour from France!

Katie went on a student exchange to France, where she enjoyed a traditional French Christmas and made great friends. She was sad to leave and couldn’t wait to come back and visit. Read More >>

Travels in Deutschland

Alisha Siraj went on student exchange to Germany, where she had the opportunity to experience a typical German Christmas. Apparently the celebrations lasted for three days! Read More >>

Christmas in Germany

Simran Sadler arrived in Germany just in time for Christmas. She discovered that holidays in Germany are full of fun, family, and food – similar to home, yet a new experience all the same! Read More >>

Hola from Spain

Kathy Hastle spent three months living and studying in Las Arenas, a suburb in the Spanish city of Bilbao. She made plenty of friends, sharpened her Spanish skills, and even visited France. Read More >>

My incredible Thai adventure

“Thailand is absolutely incredible. The country is beautiful, the people are very nice, and the food is exquisite.” It’s safe to say that Hamish loved his student exchange to Thailand! Read More >>

A Kiwi in The Netherlands

Andrew Spekreijse went on a student exchange to the Netherlands, where he discovered the Dutch way of life, made plenty of friends, and of course went on a lot of bike rides! Read More >>

Facebook reviews

Jarod Arai Harvey
Jarod Arai Harvey
Good organizing, fantastic staff. Made for a safe and fantastic exchange to Japan!
Simran Sadler
Simran Sadler
I highly recommend NZIIU! They were such an amazing and helpful organisation to have when I went on my 3 month trip to Germany. They had everything explained and went above and beyond to make sure I was prepared and comfortable for my trip. They are doing an amazing job, and I really enjoyed my experience with them. Thank you so much NZIIU, Mari and Marty for an amazing opportunity and lifetime experience, I really enjoyed it!read more
Austin James Milne
Austin James Milne
I highly recommend NZIIU. There were a few things that didn't go smoothly in the course of my application process and NZIIU went above and beyond to solve these ( I hadn't had the right inoculations and my passport was late.) They were immensely contactable and never hesitated to answer my questions. They made sure I was as well prepared as possible both in the interview and orientation. In the us the local agency was just as good and I had a brilliant more
Sammy Billington
Sammy Billington
I honestly didn't know what to expect when going over to England for my 5 month exchange. NZIIU made sure I was prepared and that I wouldn't be met with many unwelcome surprises. Their kind and encouraging words make you feel like you definitely made the right more
Didier Chene
Didier Chene
In 2015 I went to Japan for ten months and had a blast over there. From the good to the ugly and everything in between, I’ve probably experienced it all. But I knew that I had the support from NZIIU and their affiliate, JFIE. They take quick action and sort things out in the blink of an eye. Okay, maybe a bit slower, but you get the point. NZIIU may be –the– cheapest exchange organisation for outbound students, but their pastoral care rivals that of big exchange companies. If you’re a New Zealand citizen or resident and are interested in doing an exchange, I say NZIIU. It’s like Nespresso. What else?read more
Sue Hamilton
Sue Hamilton
Our daughter has had a fabulous time thanks to NZIIU. She's come away from a 5 month adventure even more mature, outgoing and capable than she already was. The NZIIU team was great, preparing her well for the personal journey and supporting her through CHI while overseas. We recommend the programme as a way to stretch your kids!read more
Kirstin Elphick
Kirstin Elphick
NZIIU is an amazing company that made my dream of going on an exchange a reality. They were so helpful and approachable throughout the entire process, making the exchange largely hassle free. I had an absolutely amazing experience in my 5 month exchange to more
Claire Liu
Claire Liu
I honestly didn't know what to expect at the start of my exchange. However NZIIU provided so much information and support I never felt lost during the application process as well as the exchange. I am so glad I chose NZIIU and grateful to all the staff members who helped me out!Thanks to their excellent organization and support, I had the best time during my exchange~I love how they provided the opportunity to get to know the other students going on the same exchange, as well as the orientation at the host country.I got to know people from all around the world even before my exchange actually started. NZIIU gave me a lot of confidence and provided a wonderful start through to the end of this spectacular more
Luke Smith
Luke Smith
NZIIU was very helpful on my exchange to Japan. Their staff are approachable, friendly and easy to talk to. Thanks to them, I had an amazing experience during my 5 months in Japan. Many thanks to the team who got me more
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